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Chneor Or-el Sadon, better known by his stage name Shneor Orel, is an Orthodox Jewish recording artist, Chazan and musical entertainer.

Shneor was born and raised in Paris, France. He attented Chabad school in Paris for 8 years. Afterwards he went to study in Yeshiva for 6 years. When he was 22, he took his examinations and received his official Rabbi diploma.

Shneor Orel made his musical debut in 2011. He auditioned for the Jewish international singing contest A Jewish Star with the song Mehera by Shwekey, Shneor was on of the top six vote getters in the competition.

On June 2018, he released his first cover song Pashut Anashim. Afterwards, he began performing at weddings and other Jewish events as an independent artist.

During 2020, he released 3 other songs and he is now working on his debut album.

On september 2022 Shneor released his first original Single ''Shir HaGeula'.

For Shneor, as a Chabad chossid, this song is very personal. “There are times where people are going through troubles and tribulations,” says Shneor. “It’s also about a personal Geula, when you finally see the light and that there is an end to our personal darkness. Shir Hageula is to remind us that there is always an end to the suffering and hard times and better times are ahead of us. After all, says Shneor, the Lubavitcher Rebbe always encouraged us to ask and wait for the imminent Geula.”

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