About Shneor Orel

Chneor Or-el Sadon, better know by his stage name Shneor Orel (in Hebrew שניאור אוראל), is a young, unique and talented 24 year old Singer and Chazan. There is no limit to his musical abilities. Music producer, songwriter, pianist and Singer. During live performances, his music is clearly apparent. His excitement and energy brings his shows to a whole new level. The love and passion he shows, elevates his performances to something incredible. While in the studio, Shneor brings his unique energy to all genres of Jewish Music. Shneor discovered his love for music at a very young age, his passion for it turning him into not just a better person but a more creative one. His development as an artist was greatly helped through his involvement with the Chabad movement and the Yeshiva. Today, Shneor is raising people up with the power and depth of his musical creations. So enjoy the music of Shneor Orel and come along for the ride as he continues to see bigger and bigger success.